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Decorative Glass & Mirror

Berlin Glass can supply and install table tops, decorative glass and mirrors in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. We can customize mirrors for nearly any space or purpose.

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Glass Table Topsglass-464233_640

At Berlin Glass we can supply annealed or tempered table tops with polishes and bevels that meet your specifications.

To have your glass table top fitted, you can:

  • Provide measurements if it is a simple design
  • Have one of our professionals create a template for you
  • Come to our shop for pattern paper and we will show you how you can create easily create the template yourself.

Whether it’s for a glass table top replacement or a glass table top cover Berlin Glass can satisfy your needs.
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Custom Mirrors

We can size and cut a mirror for almost any surface area and custom manufacture stand-alone and wall mirrors in any shape and size.

Standard Mirrors
Mirrors are a functional and stylish way to decorate any home or business. They increase light reflection and make rooms appear lighter and larger. Mirrors add a decorative element to an otherwise plain wall.

We feature a large variety of standard frameless beveled mirrors:
These mirrors:

  • Have clean lines to compliment any décor
  • Include hardware with 2 hooks standard
  • Adhesive bumpers on bottom back for flat installation
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Picture 15


[table td1=”Item” td2=”Size” td3=”Weight”] [td1]213-1840[/td1][td2]18″ X 40″ Rectangle[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3] [td1]214-2030[/td1][td2]20″ X 30″ Rectangle[/td2][td3]18 LBS[/td3] [td1]215-2436[/td1][td2]24″ X 36″ Rectangle[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3] [td1]216-3040[/td1][td2]30″ X 40″ Rectangle[/td2][td3]25 LBS[/td3][/table] [/span6] [span6]

Picture 14


[table td1=”Item” td2=”Size” td3=”Weight”] [td1]209-18[/td1][td2]18″ Square[/td2][td3]10 LBS[/td3] [td1]210-24[/td1][td2]24″ Square[/td2][td3]15 LBS[/td3] [td1]211-30[/td1][td2]30″ Square[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3] [td1]212-36[/td1][td2]36″ Square[/td2][td3]25 LBS[/td3][/table] [/span6] [/row] [row] [span6]

Picture 13


[table td1=”Item” td2=”Size” td3=”Weight”] [td1]221-3030[/td1][td2]30 X 30″ Scallop[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3] [td1]222-2436[/td1][td2]24″ X 36″[/td2][td3]20LBS[/td3][/table] [/span6] [span6]

Picture 8


[table td1=”Item” td2=”Size” td3=”Weight”] [td1]223-2232[/td1][td2]22″ X 32″ Regal[/td2][td3]18 LBS[/td3] [td1]224-2436[/td1][td2]24″ X 36″ Regal[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3] [/table] [/span6] [/row] [row] [span6]

Picture 10


[table td1=”Item” td2=”Size” td3=”Weight”] [td1]227-2230[/td1][td2]22″ X 30″ Westminster[/td2][td3]18 LBS[/td3] [td1]228-2436[/td1][td2]24″ X 36″ Westminster[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3][/table] [/span6] [span6]

Picture 9


[table td1=”Item” td2=”Size” td3=”Weight”] [td1]217-1830[/td1][td2]18″ X 30″[/td2][td3]15 LBS[/td3] [td1]218-1836[/td1][td2]18″ X 36″ ARCH[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3] [/table] [/span6] [/row] [row] [span6] Picture 7


[table td1=”Item” td2=”Size” td3=”Weight”] [td1]225-2032[/td1][td2]20″ X 32″ Bristol[/td2][td3]18 LBS[/td3] [td1]226-2040[/td1][td2]20″ X 40″ Bristol[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3] [/table] [/span6] [span6]

Picture 6


[table td1=”Item” td2=”Size” td3=”Weight”] [td1]206-2230[/td1][td2]22″ X 30″ Oval[/td2][td3]18 LBS[/td3] [td1]207-2436[/td1][td2]24″ X 36″ Oval[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3] [td1]208-2448[/td1][td2]24″ X 48″ Oval[/td2][td3]25 LBS[/td3][/table] [/span6] [/row] [row] [span6]

Picture 11


[table td1=”Item” td2=”Size” td3=”Weight”] [td1]219-2030[/td1][td2]20″ X 30″ Octagon[/td2][td3]18LBS[/td3] [td1]220-2436[/td1][td2]24″ X 36″ Octagon[/td2][td3]20 LBS[/td3][/table] [/span6] [/row] [/tab2] [tab3]

Decorative Glass

Berlin Glass and Mirror provides custom decorative glass in a variety of styles. Most common uses are for kitchen cabinets, glass showers or for exterior doors.

Decorative glass styles include:
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Seeded Glass

[/span3][span3] dere

Reeded Glass



Frosted Glass



Waffle Glass

[/span3][/row] [row][span3] RAIN1

Rain Glass



Pattern 62 Glass



Aquatex Glass



Glue Chip Glass

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