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Custom Frameless Glass Showers and Shower Doors

Berlin Glass is South Jersey's premier provider of custom frameless glass showers and shower doors.

Single Glass Shower Door

Single glass shower doors contain only one glass door that is designed to fit the shower opening, typically hinged to the wall, opening either left or right. A steam shower transom can be added at the top of the door to let the steam out or keep the steam in.

Inline Glass Shower Door and Panels

Inline shower door and panels are a glass shower designed in an area too large for a single door. The glass door and panel are inline, or meet at 180° to each other.

90° Door and Panels

90° glass shower door and panel(s) have glass on 2 sides. The glass sides come together at a stunning 90° angle


Neoangle glass shower doors fit in a corner and have three glass sides and two wall enclosures, creating a unique diamond shape. The walls can be a combination of glass, wall, or kneewalls


Modern sliding glass shower doors slide smoothly on a stainless steel track. Sliding shower doors work well in spaces where there is not enough room for a swing door. These attractive sliders can also be configured in a 90° corner.

Custom Frameless Glass Shower Terminology

Frameless - Hinges/clips on perimeter.

Framed - Framing all around the glass including top, bottom and sidewalls.

By Pass - Two doors sliding past each other.

Hinged Door - Door on two hinges.

Door and Panel - A door is located in line with one or more panels.

Corner Unit - Corner glass along 2 sides of shower

Neo-Angle - Three sided unit with front panel at a 45 degree angle to sides.

Kneewall - A half wall

Door with Transom - Door with separate glass panel above

Options for shower glass: clear, rain, frosted and ShowerGuard


Clear Glass


Rain Glass


Acid-Etched or Frosted Glass

Shower Guard

ShowerGuard® Glass

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