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Custom Frameless Glass Showers and Shower Doors

Berlin Glass is South Jersey’s premier provider of custom frameless glass showers and shower doors.

[row_fluid] [tabs direction=”top” tab1=”Shower Styles” tab2=”Terminology” tab3=”Glass Options” tab4=”Get Estimate”] [tab1] [title_box title=”Single Glass Shower Door” subtitle=”Single glass shower doors contain only one glass door that is designed to fit the shower opening, typically hinged to the wall, opening either left or right. A steam shower transom can be added at the top of the door to let the steam out or keep the steam in.” icon=”CRL-SD-22.jpg”] [sm_hr] [title_box title=”Inline Glass Shower Door and Panels” subtitle=”Inline shower door and panels are a glass shower designed in an area too large for a single door. The glass door and panel are inline, or meet at 180° to each other.” icon=”../../../uploads/2015/08/bath_scan_04.jpg”] [sm_hr] [title_box title=”90° Door and Panels” subtitle=”90° glass shower door and panel(s) have glass on 2 sides. The glass sides come together at a stunning 90° angle” icon=”../../../uploads/2015/08/bath_scan_07.jpg”] [sm_hr] [title_box title=”Neoangle” subtitle=”Neoangle glass shower doors fit in a corner and have three glass sides and two wall enclosures, creating a unique diamond shape. The walls can be a combination of glass, wall, or kneewalls” icon=”../../../uploads/2015/08/bath_scan_12.jpg”] [sm_hr] [title_box title=”Sliding” subtitle=”Modern sliding glass shower doors slide smoothly on a stainless steel track. Sliding shower doors work well in spaces where there is not enough room for a swing door. These attractive sliders can also be configured in a 90° corner.” icon=”../../../uploads/2015/08/bath_scan_03.jpg”] [/tab1] [tab2]

Custom Frameless Glass Shower Terminology

Frameless – Hinges/clips on perimeter.

Framed – Framing all around the glass including top, bottom and sidewalls.

By Pass – Two doors sliding past each other.

Hinged Door – Door on two hinges.

Door and Panel – A door is located in line with one or more panels.

Corner Unit – Corner glass along 2 sides of shower

Neo-Angle – Three sided unit with front panel at a 45 degree angle to sides.

Kneewall – A half wall

Door with Transom – Door with separate glass panel above

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Options for shower glass: clear, rain, frosted and ShowerGuard

[row][span3] Clear

Clear Glass



Rain Glass



Acid-Etched or Frosted Glass


Shower Guard

ShowerGuard® Glass

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